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 Benefit 1:  Reduce costs of traditional lines.
 Benefit 2:  Offer nationwide access numbers.
 Benefit 3:  Accelerate your business expansion.
 Benefit 4:  Centralize your business activities.

Whether a customer is running a prepaid calling card business, an IVR system to take phone orders or a voice mail service bureau, he still needs inbound lines and access numbers (DIDs). These lines and DIDs give customers the ability to call in and use the service. Traditionally, these lines and DIDs were obtained through the local telephone company (i.e. Verizon, AT&T or Time Warner) and a company could only purchase numbers with area codes in the region the system resided. With VoIP, this has changed.

DID Live is an IP DID service that allows you to accept incoming calls via VoIP as an alternative to standard digital or analog lines. The service provides the same quality of sound you expect from standard lines at a fraction of the price. In addition, it allows you to purchase DIDs all over the United States. A company in California can purchase access numbers in New York or Texas for the same price as access numbers in its local area. This feature gives the company the opportunity to provide local access numbers to its customers around the United States at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines and access numbers.

Local phone companies often take weeks or months to install phone lines at a company's location; and in many cases they are unable to install more than a few lines do to physical limitations. The DID Live Virtual Number service only requires a company to have an Internet connection, therefore eliminating the limitations posed by local telephone lines. If the company has a solid Internet Connection, the DID Live service can be up and running within hours.

"I run a pinless calling service and handle up to 96 calls at the same time. Initially, I had T1 lines, but then decided to switch to IP DIDs because of the cost and nationwide numbers. I have tried several IP DID providers, but was never satisfied with the voice quality or DTMF recognition. When I switched to your service, the problems I was facing disappeared. I can now focus on growing my business rather than maintaining my network and equipment."

- W. Djokoto, IP Telecom

"I recently launched a phone dating service and chose DID Live as my line and access number provider. In my industry, I need access numbers all over the country to avoid toll-free rates. This would be virtually impossible with traditional lines - so I chose DID Live. My IVR system gets extremely busy, but your service never seems to skip a beat. Thanks for the great service."

- Stan B.

"We have been selling voice mail boxes to customers in New York for almost 20 years and wanted to expand to other parts of the country without installing equipment everywhere. DID Live provided us with a solution to expand our coverage at a price that allowed us to maintain a profit."

- A. Mehra, Lovox Corp.

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